Paste Magazine: The Case For China’s Trains

The bizarre combination of investments from quasi-communist China and a private Las Vegas firm might instigate a new era in American travel. Or at least introduce a quicker way for Angelenos to get to Vegas for a wild weekend.

In less than a year, China plans to start building a high-speed train line from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The new line will be a joint venture between private American firm XpressWest and several Chinese state firms. China has built the world’s most extensive high-speed rail network in the last decade, while the U.S. has debated and ultimately nixed funding most expansions. Until now.

Residing in China for the past year, I’ve spent at least 100 hours on Chinese bullet trains, zipping up and down the country’s East Coast, watching the digital speedometer above the door to each car rise above 300 kilometers an hour-186 mph. The system is called “China Railway High-speed.; Once onboard, things get even more Eastern, as a serenely-voiced recording welcomes you to “Harmony.” READ MORE at Paste Magazine

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