Who I Am

Ciao! I’m Ketti, a writer based in Milan, Italy. I’m also a grad student in Sustainable Business and Energy here in Milan, and have been an expat in various places for over three years.

I was supposed to be a journalist, but I should have been a philosopher, so I’m a writer. This is my take on a travel blog. For as long as I can remember, I have loved travel. Maybe it’s more accurate to say I’ve been fascinated by cities and cultures and people’s paths of migration, and how the world today encourages and/or forces so many people to move around so much. Travel is just the industry, hobby, and lifestyle that connects all of those topics.

I started this blog, under the working title of The Wilhelm Scream, about three years and 30 countries ago. I suppose it might be the real title at this point.

I grew up in a small mountain town in Montana, USA. I studied journalism in college in Montana and travel and studied abroad a lot – I found ways to travel to about 15 countries by the time I graduated.

Then I started this site when I moved to China in 2014, and blogged about life as an English teacher in a city that didn’t care much about learning English.

Why did I move?

After studying abroad and traveling so much in college, I got this panicky, worried feeling when I graduated. The worry was that I might have to start staying in one place.

So I got a job teaching English, packed my bags, and stayed for a year in China. By the end, I decided teaching in a classroom (while sometimes fun) was not really for me, and neither was China. But then on a weekend trip to Shanghai, I met an Italian man. After traveling the world together for a year, we moved to Milan (which is where I’m writing this from).

I moved here with a couple of goals in mind: To learn my boyfriend’s language and understand his culture, while taking a bit of a break from freelance writing. That break turned into a marriage and a new direction. I’m now a graduate student in Sustainable Business, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility in Milan.

What This Blog Is

This is my take on a travel blog. I don’t write destination guides, but I do write about places and travel.

To name a few topics, I have written (either in magazines or on this blog) about creativity, sustainability, tattoo competitions in China, trains, living in a van in New Zealand, fancy drinking water, coffee in Costa Rica, people’s odd habits (including my own), and traveling around Europe on crutches.

Some other interests that fit into this blog:

  • Philosophy.
  • Innovation.
  • The food industry, food cultures, and food system sustainability.
  • Current events, politics, and culture wherever I’m traveling.
  • Sustainable business ideas and sustainability in general.
  • How society works and how people think in different parts of the world.
  • And how travel in all forms – weekend tourism, spending years living out of a backpack, migrating to a different country whether to escape violence or escape boredom – intersects with all of those.

Maybe someday I’ll run a magazine dedicated to these topics. But right now, above all, this is where I write about the adventurous strangeness of living my full-time life very far from home. I try to share my honest take on the life I’m living as a frequent traveler and an expat/ immigrant.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – What are you curious about? Leave a comment on a post that gets you thinking, drop me an email, or use the form on my Contact Page.

Thank you for reading. Keep in touch!


That's me on my way into a music festival in a pasture in Belarus in August, 2015. My leg was broken from a capoeira mishap, hence the crutches.
Me, on my way into a music festival in a pasture in Belarus, with my broken leg.












This site’s namesake, the original Wilhelm Scream, is this sound effect. It has been in the background of some of the most popular pieces of pop-culture for decades, and most people never even noticed it. But it was there, quietly making history.

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