• Italy
  • August in Milan

    Vernazza, Cinque Terre: A popular spot for Italians to escape August in Milan for Ferragosto.

    I am writing this sitting on the floor of my apartment, where my clammy legs are sticking to the mercifully cool stone tiles. It’s nine in the morning. What’s that parable about the poor mouse (or maybe a frog?) swimming in the pot of cold water that doesn’t even notice when it starts to be […]

  • Costa Rica
  • Fresh Cup Magazine: Costa Rica

    Costa Rica’s Café Culture Evolution The quality of coffee consumed in Costa Rica is catching up to the diverse, flavorful coffees it exports as brewing methods and café culture evolve. DECEMBER 26, 2016 KETTI WILHELM Costa Rica is famous for its eight distinct coffee-growing regions—each yielding beans with unique characteristics, brewed in kitchens and coffee […]